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2012: Co-Creating a New Future

Merlin’s Visions, the Mayan Calendar,

and Peruvian Teachings for Planetary Healing

By Edie Stone, MA

Ancient Portal to a Greener Future

Photo ©2007 Edie Stone

Visions of Merlin

A primal Welsh Merlin emerges from the shadows of history to speak to our times. Quite different from the magician of Arthurian romance, we see him first as a young boy and prophet, and later as an old man, wild hermit, and stargazing philosopher.

Young Merlin, facing the fate of a sacrificial victim, challenges King Vortigern to find the true cause of the king’s collapsing tower. The cause lies deep in an underground lake. When the water is drained, red and white dragons emerge from two stones and fly into battle. Merlin goes into trance and predicts the defeat of the red dragon (Celtic Britain/Wales) by the white dragon (Saxons). He then describes in prophecy hundreds of years of English history to come, ending in a great cataclysm.

Old Merlin, mad with the grief of war, leaves his kingdom to live in the wild woods with his wolf, pig, and stag companion animals. At the end of his life, he is not trapped in a glass tower, tree, or stone by a seductress. Rather, he chooses to live in an observatory, studying the movements of the stars.

Young Merlin embodies the power of visionary experience, and the courage of speaking truth to power. Old Merlin embodies the madness of war, the cleansing of grief, the healing power of nature, kinship with animals, and the wisdom of cosmic knowledge.

Maya Cosmovision and 2012

As Merlin was studying the stars, the rest of Europe was slipping into the Dark Ages. But at the same time, Maya civilization was coming into its height, celebrating the precession of the equinoxes and the cycles of Venus on detailed stone carvings and precisely aligned architecture.

For sky watchers in Central and South America, the dark areas of the Milky Way are as significant as bright star constellations, especially the dark area within the big bulge of the Milky Way. (This bulge near Sagittarius is the central hub of our galaxy. It’s also where the ecliptic path of sun and planets cross the Milky Way.)

Within the mythic imagery of the Maya, the dark-rift in the Milky Way has been perceived as a Cleft in the Cosmic Tree, a Canyon in the River of Stars, the Mouth of the Cosmic Serpent, and the Birth Canal of the Great Mother. It is named Xibalba Be, the Black Road, the Road to the Underworld.

Early Maya astronomers realised that the sun’s position at the winter solstice was slowly moving toward Xibalba Be.

The Maya also studied the movement of time, which they experienced as alive with energies of gods and goddesses. The Maya created several complex, interlocking calendars, including the famous Long Count calendar. Each Long Count is a new “Sun” or “World Age” of 1,872,000 days (~5125 years).

The current Long Count ends with the Mayan date, which in our Gregorian calendar is December 21, 2012.

Is it by coincidence or by deep knowledge of the future, that the Maya Long Count ends on the very day that the sun will enter Xibalba Be on the winter solstice, 2012? And that 12/21/2012 is the Long Count endpoint of the current World Age?

Dire predictions

Merlin’s prophesies end in environmental and social upheaval, followed by chaos on a cosmic level. Interpretations of 2012 range from widespread catastrophe, such as massive slipping of tectonic plates, and reversal of the magnetic poles; to a speeding up of space-time until it explodes in a big-bang of consciousness; to just another year of human suffering. There are rays of hope, as well, if we view the Maya imagery as the rebirth of a New Sun of consciousness from the womb of the Cosmic Mother.

Paths of personal and planetary healing

How can we cope with these confusing predictions? A new path of transformation and healing is being offered to the world through the legends and practices of Peruvian shamanism. We can also find wisdom in ancestral Celtic legends and British mysticism.

         An ancient legend, revealed by tribal elders from the Andes in the early 1990’s, says that when the Condor of South America and the Eagle of North America unite, the spirit of peace will re-awaken on Earth. According to Inka prophecy, we are in the Pachakuti Era, a time of world reversal and healing.                          

         The Q’ero and other elders are now sharing healing practices, which were held secret since the Conquest, in order to support a shift into heart-centered consciousness that is needed to heal Mother Earth. Our collective transformation will lead to the return of the Sapa Inka and Qoya or “high king and queen” of illuminated consciousness.

         Oscar Miro-Quesada, one of the “Condors,” is a master shaman from Peru who has brought the Pachakuti Mesa tradition to the land of “Eagles” (N. America and Europe). Oscar's teachings include healing techniques, ceremony, and reverent use of the Pachakuti Mesa. A mesa is a floor altar; it is also an energetic map of the universe. It serves as a catalyst to focus healing energy for individual, community, and planetary transformation. Earth stewardship projects, pilgrimages to sacred sites, and spiritual practices that help rebalance Earth’s energy system are also important tools in the Pachakuti Mesa tradition.

British wisdom traditions

         There is a Welsh legend, “The Marriage of Eagle and Owl,” which deeply resonates with South American teachings of the Marriage of Eagle and Condor.

         The Eagle is the King of the birds. He embodies patriarchal power, hierarchy, and ego -- some of the qualities that have brought us to this time of crisis. But as he travels in search of a bride, he learns to trust the voice of the wind, and he listens to animals who are as old as the hills. By the end of his journey, he comes into alignment with the wisdom of the ancient feminine, embodied in Mistress Owl, the oldest of the birds.

            Our task is similar: to trust our inner voices of inspiration, to bring our egos back into alignment with deep feminine wisdom (found in both men and women), and to embrace Earth-centered teachings and practices which are as old as the hills and vitally important for our world today. By honouring and rebalancing sacred masculine and feminine energies, we can build a foundation to honour and heal our Mother Earth.

Merlin returns

The prophecies of Merlin are quite dark. But the character of Merlin is quite strong as he goes through an initiation of shamanic dismemberment and restructuring of consciousness. We can learn from his story to speak truth to power, to grieve destruction, and to seek star knowledge.

As for his prophecies… in dream therapy, creating a new ending to a dream can lead to a new beginning in one’s life… so may we embody new mythic visions, in order to co-create a new future for our beautiful planet.

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Edie Stone, MA, from Boulder, Colorado, will give presentations on 2012 themes in Cardiff in July and August. She will teach courses in North Wales 1-3 August, and at Coed Hills, 8-10 August. 

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